• Adrianna

With everything that’s going on in the world today I wanted to do something nice, for those in need. I have tons of fabric, and a sewing machine! I can make masks! After 2 weeks of looking for elastic, and a few days of sewing, my sewing machine went kerplunk. 😳 Rest In Pieces old friend. 😢

  • Adrianna

From Chicago to South florida to Las Vegas, we’ve moved cross country!....yes, again. It has been a great time in Sin City so far. Lately I have been working on Swarovski crystal bras, or as Selena’s dad would call them...Busti-cacas. 😂 Check them out below!

NYE 2019

Christina Aguilera: The Xperience

Man of the Woods Concert


  • Adrianna

This year I made all my coworkers (11 in all) jewelry for Christmas. I tried to choose beads and styles that went with their personalities. For the most part I think I got it right!